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Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Lanyard


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Excuse Me, But Who Are You?You're ready to make an entrance at a big career-changing event, and you're dressed in your eye-catching finest: A Harlequin outfit to die for while strutting in mile-high heels and resting a baseball bat on your shoulders. But you're stopped at the entrance, and asked: "Where are your credentials?""Don't you know who I am?" you curtly respond. But you know the rules (no matter how hard you try to break them). There's no admittance without credentials. So, the next time, when you're wearing especially tight and scanty clothes, drop this lanyard around your neck.Fun DetailsKeep your ID, event badge and other credential items in this lanyard's thermoplastic dangle and present them with all of the confidence in the world. Because the lanyard's brilliant-colored design spotlights Harley Quinn, your inside attitude will bubble up to the surface.No Trouble Here Security. Absolutely Not.When a lanyard becomes your key organizational tool, there'll be no worries that you are the one causing problems and slowdowns in the entrance lines. A welcome nod will be appreciated. Then there's room to unleash your own attention-getting attitude, almost like Harley Quinn's.

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