Harry Potter Death Eater Wristband, Show your Dark Mark for Voldemort pride and Aurors doom.


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Nothing like an elegant Death Eaters wristband to show your affiliation with the Voldemort fan club. We already know that you have the tattoo on your forearm, but sometimes weather is cool and no one wants to lift his sleeve. And someones kind of they don't like this tattoo that moves, it's weird. In addition, having an aspect of martial uniform is cool, everyone likes Sith uniforms, I mean Death Eaters uniforms... Wearing your armband with the Dark Mark is an excellent way to have free drinks at the bar of the darkest wizards. And also, to be discovered if you're infiltrated between this wizards wannabes that tolerates Muggles, those dirty blood ... but that's not relevant. It can also be an element of camouflage for an Auror that acts as a double agent, or for a Death Eater that is triple agent. You-know-what-I-mean (wink, wink). It is a piece so elegant that you can even dress it in your day to day. No matter the occasion. Our wristbands are made of vegetable tanned cow leather. Each piece is dyed and hand-mounted accurately and carefully. Finally, we add our touches of cinematographic aging, so that your bracers look like they come out of a movie.

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