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Harry Potter Gryffindor Arm Party Bracelet Set


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How to Show House Spirit!Showing house spirit is encouraged at Hogwarts. Just look at their attire. Not only do the kids get to wear robes based on their house, but they also have sweaters, ties, and scarves designed to show their pride in their house. But what about days when you want to be a little more subtle about it? You don't want to walk to the neighborhood coffee shop to get a pastry while wearing a full Gryffindor robe. Perhaps you want something like a few pieces of jewelry that you can add to your outfit!Fun DetailsThis Harry Potter Gryffindor arm party bracelet set comes with 4 unique bracelets. It comes with a gold metal bracelet, a red braided bracelet, a black braided bracelet, and a red braided bracelet. Some have griffon charms attached to them and some have the Hogwarts House name etched in it. You can pair them with your everyday attire, mix and match them, or you can wear all of them with your Harry Potter inspired costume to become a true member of Gryffindor. Now that's a true arm party!House Spirit in StyleIf you're a proud Gryffindor supporter, then you want to show your school spirit! This Harry Potter bracelet set should help you do that in style.

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