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Hot Toys (Hot Toys) Movie Masterpiece The Avengers/Age of Urutoron Urutoron mark 1 1/6 scale plastic painted action figure


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japan import To "Movie Masterpiece" series of Hot Toys, the eighth installment of the world long-awaited blockbuster action movie "The Avengers / Age of Urutoron" lineup! Is the beginning of threat, it appeared Urutoron mark 1! Height approx 32 cm, the figure to be movable at least 24 positions, splendidly solidifies the figure of Urutoron mark 1 confronting front of Avengers while partially destroyed state. Has developed a new, mechanical modeling is damaged can enjoy body is, the exposed parts and cylinder by the exterior has run out, such as a pipe or cable, elaborate finish to detail. Metallic red, white, blue, and color ring distinctive armor of dark gray, such as stains of fine scratches and leaked oil, in order to reproduce the texture of the metal became tattered, it is weathering painted by the technology of the industry's top class It has been subjected. Eye, mouth portion, and the reactor chest, mounted LED light up gimmick that emits white. The only remaining right hand of the hand parts, because specifications for moving to finger joint, Urutoron in the representation of the fingertip

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