Hot Wheels Star Wars Rebels Ghost vs TIE Fighter


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The Ghost may not quite be the Millennium Falcon, but that little ship packs a punch! It’s crewed by Lothal rebels Hera Syndulla, Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus and Sabine Wren. We love watching them dodge their imminent doom inside that ship and the time between new seasons of Star Wars: Rebels is downright unbearable! The good news is that we’ve found an excellent way to relive the adventures of the Spectres while you wait for new episodes of the show to air!This Hot Wheels Star Wars Rebels Ghost vs TIE Fighter set has the iconic ship from the television series, along with a TIE Fighter so you can recreate some epic space battles. The set also comes with 2 “flight navigators,” which are tiny plastic stands you can place on your finger to “fly” the ships. You can place the starships on the flight navigators, then plot a dangerous mission for the Ghost!

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