Imaginext 4X Go Super Hero Teen Titans Playset Party Magic Attack Raven / Meat Cyborg / Pizza Starfire / Beast Boy & Terra Adventure Cartoon Character Toy Figure Pack 4 Items Bundle & Bonus Stickers


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Teen Titans Go! Fun 4 Pack CYBORG - No one loves a meat party more than Cyborg. Kids can get the party started by loading up the grill launcher with meat patties and pressing the button underneath to send them soaring through the air! BEAST BOY & TERRA - Beast boy is pulling out all the stops to woo his crush, Terra. He's even taken the form of a Donkey, so they can gallop away into the Sunset together. Will Terra fall for his Super hero charm, or will she convince beast boy to join her as a teen Titans enemy? that's for your young hero to decide! Imaginext imagine what's next! STARFIRE PIZZA PARTY- Teen Titans Go! fans can recreate their favorite moments from the TV show with Starfire and a go cart that really rolls! Place Starfire in the go cart and push it along to get the fun rolling. Uh, oh, looks like trouble! Load pizza projectiles into the launcher and send them flying. Take that! For even more fire power, kids can use the pizza box to launch pizzas, too! What adventures will Starfire get up to next? That's for your young Super Hero to decide! Imaginext Imagine What's Next! Where development comes into play: Cognitive: Imaginative play and storytelling helps develop kids' language skills and can foster an early love of reading. RAVEN - MAGIC ATTACK - Raven and her magically spinning tentacles helps protect Jump City from all sorts of menacing villains! When heading into battle, place Raven on the Power Pad and push forward to see the black tentacles spin around her. For hand-to-hand combat, Raven has her own sword to wield against the forces of evil. STICKERS - This assortment of stickers featuring a silly group of teenage superheroes! Teen Titans Go! stickers includes 5 assorted designs from the Cartoon Network show featuring Raven, Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy and Cyborg!

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