Kanji Supernatural Power Decal Sticker (Glow in The Dark, 5 inch Reversed) Vinyl b11637


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Stickerslug Kanji Supernatural Power Decal Sticker (glow in the dark, 5 inch reversed) for car truck window glass auto bumper. Suitable for all surfaces. Gloss finish vinyl material. Intended for long term application and is tested to last up to 7 years in extreme weather conditions. Ideal for automobile body and glass applications. So use this decal for your car, truck, atv, boat, motorcycle, helmet, bumper, or glass window. You can also use this decal for electronics like laptops tablets and desktop computers. For short term use or removable options, we recommend our matte finish vinyl decals for use indoor like walls. Authentic Stickerslug product. Our easy to follow Stickerslug step-by-step walkthrough brochure is included with each decal, so if you are new to decals, there is no reason to worry about applying.

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