Kid Onesie 3D Print Costume Boys Cosplay Unisex Bodysuit Aquaman Cosplay Suit Lycra Zentai,Kid S


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What you will get: * If you order costume, it will come with one Completely sewn Aquaman costume suit with an invisible U-Shaped zipper along the backside of the suit. Sizing guideline-Please refer to the sizing chart below: * Extra Small(Height 43") * Height:43"=110cm Chest:21.5"=55cm Waist:19"=48cm Hip:21.2"=54cm * Small(Height 47") * Height:47"=120cm Chest:23.5"=60cm Waist:20.5"=52cm Hip:19"=48cm * Medium(Height 51") * Height:51"=130cm Chest:25.5"=65cm Waist:22"=56cm Hip:25"=64cm * Large(Height 55") * Height:55"=140cm Chest:27.5"=70cm Waist:24"=61cm Hip:25"=68cm * Extra Large(Height 59") * Height:59"=150cm Chest:29.5"=75cm Waist:26.5"=67cm Hip:28.5"=73cm * *Please note that these measurements are estimates and the item you receive may not be EXACTLY identical to the measurements shown.

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