Kids Thor Capes and Masks Sets,Dress Up Capes for Birthday Party Favor


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Superhero Costume 2 in 1 Set - 1cape+1mask Environmental protection and non-toxic safety EVERY KID WANTS TO BE A SUPERHERO - Now it is possible! This set is perfect for children over 3 that want to pretend to be their favorite superheros during the day. Change into a different hero each day or have friends over for a costume party! ENCOURAGES IMAGINATION AND CREATIVITY- One of the greatest parts of childhood is being able to play dress-up toys and costumes.With our premium quality?super hero capes for kids, you can encourage more hours of screen-free fun!It can be worn over pajamas or regular shirts and clothing. Imagination is like building a muscle,the more you use it,the bigger it gets! Now you may enhance your child's imagination with our set of 2 Superhero Costumes: featuring all of your kid's favorites! PACKAGE INCLUDED: 1 Cape:approximately 27" tall by 27" wide,made of high quality satin with velcro neck fastener, easy to take on and off. 1 Mask:approximately 6 1/2" wide and 3 - 4 1/2" tall. Total 8-10g weight. Made in high quality felt with 9 3/4"elastic band.Parents can wear masks too. 1 size fit most. Please email contact us for any questions. We'll give great support and service.

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