Lot of 14 TY Attic Treasure Bears Great for Party Favors and Gifts Etc. Includes Nicholas with White Heart Sweater, Piccadilly with Blue and Green Joker Outfit, Peter the 2 Pumpkin Bears, Fern, Clay, Casanova with Red Heart Sweater, Laurel with Red and Gold Fancy Frill, Peppermint with Red Hat and Scarf, Ivan, Beverly, Salty with Anchor Sweater, Jangle with Santa Hat and Scarf, Rosalie with Flower Hat and Dress


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Lot of 14 Attic Treasure bears great for party favors and gifts etc. includes Nicholas with white heart sweater, Piccadilly with blue and green joker outfit, Peter the 2 pumpkin bears, Fern, Clay, Casanova with red heart sweater, Laurel with red and gold fancy frill, Peppermint with red hat and scarf, Ivan, Beverly, Salty with anchor sweater, Jangle with Santa hat and scarf, Rosalie with flower hat and dress

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