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MA Creations Minions Bracelets Kids Birthday Party Favors - Glow in The Dark (10 Pack)


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NOTE: PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CHARGE YOUR BRACELETS UNDER DIRECT SUN OR ARTIFICIAL LIGHT TO ACTIVATE GLOW IN THE DARK FEATURE, OR THEY WILL NOT GLOW - THERE ARE A TOTAL OF 10 BRACELETS PER PACK, 5 OF EACH DESIGN GLOW IN THE DARK - MINIONS INSPIRED SILICONE BANDS COLLECT THEM ALL GREAT FOR THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTIES, BIRTHDAY PARTY FAVORS, GOODY BAG STUFFERS, SCHOOL FUNDRAISERS/FESTIVALS, CLASSROOM REWARDS, VALENTINE'S DAY GRAMS, EASTER BASKET TOYS, GLOW IN THE DARK STICKS, ROOM DECORATIONS, ETC. Features: 1. Size: Medium 2. 100% silicone 3. Never goes out of shape or fades 4. RoHS approved, Eco- friendly, non-toxic and safe 5. Yellow 6. Soft, flexible, excellent abrasion resistance 7. Non-stick finish, water-proof, elastic and comfortable design 8. Can return to their original shape when you take them off your wristband 9. Glow in the dark 10. Great fashion and trendy style

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