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Marvel Doctor Strange Karl Mordo POP Bobblehead Figure


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We can’t blame Karl Mordo for being ticked off. After all, if everyone had just followed the rules, instead of bending them, then there probably wouldn’t have been any conflict in the Doctor Strange movie. Kaecilius would never have done any of the villainous things he did and he’d probably be having a cup of tea with Mordo and the Ancient One. That makes for a slightly more boring movie, but it might make Mordo a little happier and it might make this little Funko collectible a little happier too!This Karl Mordo POP vinyl is just as upset about all the rule-breaking going on in the magical community, but maybe you can console him. Just place him by your desk and tell him that everything is going to be okay. Make sure he knows that you’re not breaking any magical rules, or attempting to steal any powerful tomes. Then, this little figure may just get some peace of mind.

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