Marvel Legends Series 3 > Hydra Soldier (Yelling Variant) Action Figure [Toy]


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Marvel Legends (Hasbro) Queen Brood Series Hydra Soldier Open Mouth NIP Action Figure from the 2007 toy series. There was a time when the cry 'Hail Hydra' brought a chill to even the most hardened hero’s heart, and a sweat to his brow. Unfortunately for this ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world, that time has passed. The death of its founder, Wolfgang von Strucker, years ago left it badly weakened. Huge and highly centralized, Hydra lacks the flexibility to really effectively terrorize the world, and instead concentrates its resources on occasionally executing grand, but largely symbolic attacks. As the world’s heroes have grown ever more bulletproof, powerful and organized, Hydra has lagged behind, still relying on these conventional soldiers. Open Mouth

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