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Marvel Spider-Man Doormat


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Welcome to the WebNothing says welcome to our friendly neighborhood as Spider-Man can! You ever heard the story of little Timmy running over his mother's fresh white carpet with muddy feet? It was quite the tragedy. The reason little Timmy was running home? He couldn't wait to see Spider-Man fight bad guys on the cartoon after school.  Okay, Timmy may or may not be someone we know... heck, maybe Timmy is one of us... but the key to the story is that we've all been there, right? While some superheroes have adamantium skeletons, can swing on a web, or got a big dose of super serum, we think the real heroes are the people who wipe their feet before entering the house.Fun DetailsNever run into the house tracking mud again! This Spider-Man doormat takes the Marvel hero and places his iconic face right on top, hovering over a web pattern. This is a colorful doormat that is sure to grab and trap any mud that's sticking to your soles. Don't be like Timmy... don't destroy mom's carpet and get grounded because you were so excited to see if Spidey could finally beat Doc Ock. All you need is this doormat. It will stop evil villains in their tracks.

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