Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Exclusive Action Figure 2Pack Captain Americ... by Hasbro Toys


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CAPTAIN AMERICA has prepared for this moment for weeks. The return of his old partner Bucky as the brainwashed WINTER SOLDIER shook his world to its foundations, but now he has a chance to bring back his friend. Everything rests on this final battle. For CAPTAIN AMERICA, its a chance to pay back a sixty-year-old debt; for Bucky, its a chance at redemption.With this CAPTAIN AMERICA Comic Pack, you get not only the CAPTAIN AMERICA and WINTER SOLDIER figures, you get the CAPTAIN AMERICA # 14 comic book! Arm CAPTAIN AMERICA with the included shield and WINTER SOLDIER with his guns. Re-enact your favorite scenes from the comic or create new ones. Either way, the battles between your CAPTAIN AMERICA and WINTER SOLDIER figures will be epic!Pack comes with 2 figures, accessories and comic book.

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