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McFarlane Toys Building Sets- The Walking Dead TV Figure Pack 1


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■ McFarlane Building Sets Figure Pack from The Walking Dead: Mcfarlane Toys, keeping up with its history of providing you with quality toys, beings you The Walking Dead Action Figures. You can build your own apocalypse with McFarlane Building Sets Figure Pack from the hit television series, AMC's The Walking Dead. ■ Walking Dead Action Figures with Articulated Joints: These walking dead action figures include two humans, Rick Grimes and Merle Dixon and three walkers. You can create your own customized room/scene featuring these characters as these are designed so that you can easily customized them and alter their postures through Articulated Joints. ■ Collection of Action Figures: These mcfarlane walking dead action figures can be a great addition to your collection of action figures and these will definitely come handy when you will be celebrating Halloween party or when you will be celebrating a zombie theme birthday and need to decorate you cake in a creative way. ► Each of these five figures will come in pieces so that you can spend some quality time with your kids or spouse. ■ Specifications: ► No of pieces per figure: 5 to 7 pieces ► Figure Scale: 2 inches

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