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McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead COMIC Series 1 Set of 4 Action Figures Officer Rick Grimes, Michonne, Zombie Roamer Lurker


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* * The Walking Dead * Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead is brought to life with these 6-inch tall action figures based on fan-favorite characters in the 2010 Eisner Award-winning comic from Image Comics! They come with interchangeable accessories and feature multiple points of articulation. This Series 1 set of 4 individually packaged figures includes (subject to change): 1x Officer Rick Grimes 1x Michonne 1x Zombie Lurker 1x Zombie Roamer Inspired by the cover of The Walking Dead comic book issue #1, Rick Grimes is in his police officer uniform, complete with cowboy hat and jacket. The figure comes with his signature axe and pistol weapons, plus a police duffel bag with removable shotguns. It features approximately 20 points of articulation. Inspired by the cover of The Walking Dead comic book issue #19, Michonne is fully accessorized for all of her unforgettable acts of vengeance to come. The figure comes with her signature katana sword and various implements of revenge, including a power drill, hammer, pliers, and spoon. She features approximately 22 points of articulation. Zombie Lurker comes with a gory surprise. Pull its torso up and it splits apart at the waist, exposing its intestines and other internal organs, transforming it into a legless 'crawler.' It also features removable arm segments and a head that splits at the jaw line, all exposing layers of decaying muscle, bones, and blood. Zombie Roamer illustrates that the only sure way to stop a zombie is to destroy its brain. Press the lever on the Zombie Roamer's back and its head splits open, unleashing an explosive mess of blood and brain fragments.

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