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Mens Deluxe Sith Robe Costume from Star Wars


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We all know the most important part of becoming a Sith Lord. A killer black robe.What? You thought we were going to say something else, didn't you? Something like a red lightsaber? Nope, a good Sith Lord doesn't even need a lightsaber. (force choke, anyone?) Or perhaps you thought we were going to say that a Sith needs a commanding use of the Force? Well of course, although we imagine that's more of a natural gift thing (like having brown hair). No, if you want to look like a Sith and be recognized as a Sith, they all have a similar accessory: A big black robe.For some, like Vader, it's more of a cape, as he has an iconic helmet and no need of hood. For Kylo, it's more modern and asymmetrical. For the Emperor Palpatine, it's a big and roomy black thing that looks super regal. Regardless of the styling, it's always the same type of clothing: a big, black robe.So if you're bent on galactic domination, it only makes sense that you'll need one too. Our Deluxe Sith Robe, perhaps? It's 100 percent polyester with a knit nubby texture. It's got that big ol' hood and wide sleeves, just like we'd expect from a proper Sith. Can you imagine how epic you'll look walking down a hallway with this baby billowing out behind you? See, we told you: it's all about the robe. No one will mistake you for some piddly Imperial soldier in this thing.

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