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Men's Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt


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Time to celebrate the season! What? No, not Christmas. Nor Kwanza or Hannukah. Life day? You're getting closer, but that's not quite it either. The real reason for celebrating the season? Star Wars of course.After all, the new Star Wars movies have been released around the same time each year. It's become such a regular event in our calendar, we've decided to dub it its own holiday: Star Wars Season. People bring trees inside and decorate them with little Ewoks. Imaginary battles between the Empire and the Rebels play out in the snow of the backyard. And, of course, everyone gets to wear their best holiday wear.If you don't have an outfit for Star Wars Season, fear not. We have this Men's Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt just for you. This cotton/polyester sweatshirt has ribbed cuffs and is printed with a festive holiday pattern with "Star Wars" directly on the front. This way you can get into celebrating the real reason for the season. Happy Star Wars Season, and May the Force be with you!

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