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Mickey Mouse Big Head Color Change T-Shirt


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If you have followed Disney lore, you know that Mickey Mouse has proficiency in just about everything on the planet.  He’s been a train conductor, a plumber, a scientist, a superhero, a wizard apprentice, a king, an epic magical keyblade wielding multiverse protector (and also a king in that case, too).  There’s practically nothing that the man… er… mouse hasn’t achieved in his roughly ninety years of activity.  (That’s right.  He was fighting Bluto in 1928 and is still going strong!) But, even beyond being a source of unlimited and versatile skill, the mouse is also an endless fountain of cheer and hope!  And you can channel that limitless color into your own life with this officially licensed Mickey Mouse Big Head Color Change T-Shirt.  The comfy cotton fabric and the Mickey ears image would likely be enough, but the flashy rainbow color spectrum will have you thinking all the happy thoughts you need to take to flight!  (You know… with a hint of pixie dust, but Mickey can hook you up with that, too.)  Stay cool while looking amazing and channel the spirit of Disney World no matter where you are… though actually being in Florida would probably help!

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