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Do you know who the most famous cartoon character is? We'll give you a hint; it's not Donald Duck (sorry Donald). It's not the lovable dog who wears a bright green hat either (sorry Goofy). It's the one and only, Mickey Mouse!Congratulations on your decision to dress up as the mascot of The Walt Disney Company and we want to assure you that you're in for a magical time. People of all ages will want to take a picture with your because Mickey is recognized by all, but don't be overwhelmed. We have the perfect accessory that will make you look like the mouse with the most.These Mickey Mouse sunglasses shield your eyes with large cartoon eyeballs that you can easily see through. The iconic circular ears are attached to the Mickey shades so this accessory is really two disguises in one! Add a pair of red shorts. large yellow shoes, and white gloves to get the cartoon mouses's classic look. Next, watch as kids line up to get a chance to chit chat with the one and only Mickey Mouse!

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