Moana Movie Necklace


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Moana was drawn to the ocean from an early age. She kept fighting and fighting it but she knew that there was something out there for her to face. Her Grammy saw it too. So, when it was her time to go Grammy gave Moana the necklace that was constantly around her neck and told her to take her chance and go!  Well, it turns out the necklace held the heart of Te Fiti so she was ready to head out and save her island. Plenty of beings tried to take the gorgeous shiny blue stone from around her neck. The coconut pirates, Kakamora for one and the shiny object loving crab, Tamatoa after that. But the necklace is connected to the ocean and keeps her safe and she keeps it safe and in the end, Moana saves the day. So, long story short, it's safe to say that this necklace has a lot of heart!

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