Nails Evolution

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Ultrathin modern stickers for the nail design. The thickness of the material is just impressive! It is about 8-10 microns. As these decals are thinner than any other décor material for smooth surfaces, it is much more comfortable for using in a Beauty Industry for the nail design especially. Instruction for using: - Cover your nails with polish. Choose any color you want; the various range of stickers will allow you to create your own design. Be sure the polish is dry before continuing; - Cut out the element you liked the most; - Put the element into the warm water for a 3-5 seconds. You may use tweezers for more comfort; - Now dry the wet element out with a napkin; - Take out the paper part from the element and put the sticker itself right to the nail. It is rather easy to do, slide and just put on the nail. - Smooth the sticker on your nail. Be sure it fits perfectly smooth without any folds. It is so easy to do with our decals because the material is strong and comfortably to work with; - Finally cover the decal with a colorless nail polish. Your own nail design is ready!

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