Nail Art DIY Stamp Stamping Image Metal Plate Joker - FashionDancing


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How to use: 1- Apply polish on the image plate (It's best to use a thicker style, solid nail polish) 2- Scrape off the excess polish quickly 3- Stamp the image quickly (Roll over the pattern , not press directly) 4- Stamp the image onto your nail Introduction Details: Remove protective film from the image plate Apply a Base Coat to your Nail Apply designed nail polish to selected image on the plate Scrape across plate with scraping tool to remove excess polish from the plate Quickly press the Stamper onto the plate to pick up the design Stamp the image onto your nail by pressing down and lift up immediately for lasting wear apply Top Coat(Please complete each step as quickly as possible) Clean the Stamper and Scraper with Nail Polish Remover after each use Note: Blue film on the surface(remove before use)

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