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NW Fun Zone Jurassic World Table Cover and 6ft Birthday Banner Set


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Bring fun and color to your dinosaur birthday party pack. Set your table to be catastrophe-proof with our Plastic Jurassic World Table Cover. This Jurassic World Table Cover features a roaring T.Rex and protects your table from spills and stains. Our plastic tablecloth offers stylish convenience for dressing up the food table or gift table at your dinosaur theme birthday party or Jurassic Park birthday party. Best of all, it's disposable, making for a quick and easy cleanup. Compliment the table cover with the Jurassic World jointed banner, which spells out "Happy Birthday" and features a different dinosaur inside of each letter, making it ideal for a Jurassic Park birthday party. Easily hang this from the walls or doorways of your dinosaur birthday party or across your food table for an instant burst of prehistoric pizzazz.

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