Oh The Places You'll Go Dr Seuss Quote Wall Decal Hot Air Balloon Disney Cartoon Lettering Boy Girl Gift Stencil Vinyl Sticker Home Kids Playroom Bedroom Decor Art Poster Mural Custom SW 463


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We're extremely proud of this vinyl decal and here's why. We give it tender loving care every step of the way in our studio in USA. This decal is cut into special wall vinyl with a matte finish. Matte vinyl reduces glare caused by light reflections to achieve a stunning, paint-like effect on your surface. Once cut into vinyl, this decal is weeded by hand. Weeding is when we remove all of the negative space from your final product. After that your decal is run through our taping machine and chopped to size by hand. Finally its put in recycled cardboard tubes with no superfluous plastic packaging and sent straight to your door. That's a whole bunch of steps for one decal. This decal is specially designed for application on walls. That said, this decal will stick to pretty much any smooth surface you can imagine. Metal, plastic, glass, wood. Cars, windows, drums, floors, ceilings, walls, fridges. The list goes on and on!

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