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P503 Superman Tint Rear Window Decal Wrap Graphic Perforated See Through UNIVERSAL SIZE 65" x 17" FITS: PickUp Trucks F150 F250 Silverado Sierra Ram Tundra Ranger Colorado Tacoma 1500 2500


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A rear window perforated tint is a decal for the back of your pick up truck window that is see through from the inside. It will wrap your window with an amazing graphic design. The decal Can be sized to fit all models of - F150, F250, F350, Silverado, Sierra, Ram, Tundra, Ranger, Colorado, Tacoma, Ridgeline, Frontier, Titan, Canyon, 1500, 2500, 3500, and ALL other Pick up Trucks. Please measure your truck window BEFORE ordering to make sure the provided size of 65" x 17" will fit your window. If you need a custom size please contact us with the size you would need in an Amazon message BEFORE ordering. (Graphics should be slightly over sized to allow the whole window to be covered, then trimmed around the glass with a razor or hobby knife for a perfect seamless fit). We can alter the size at NO EXTRA CHARGE. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: (1)Clean surface of any dust or debris. (make sure surface is dry) (2)Place decal down on a flat surface face down and peel off paper backing, *IMPORTANT* Avoid letting the decal stick to its self (3)Pull slightly tight and Lightly stick the 4 corners of the decal to the desired location (this may be easier with two people) (4)With a credit card or drivers license, squeegy the decal down working from the middle out. (Try to avoid bubbles and/or creases) (5)Trim the excess material off along the edge of the window with a razor or hobby knife (6)Brag to your friends about how awesome it looks!

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