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Personalized Superhero Birthday Party or Baby Shower Favor Tags or Stickers - Optional Heros Superman, Batman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Super Girl - Optional Decorations Invitations, Banner


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Personalized superhero favor tags or stickers and birthday party or baby shower decorations. BANNER LENGTH: The banner is made up of individually cut bursts. You need to purchase enough burststo create your personalized message. Some examples are: * 8-12 bursts- 'BABY JOSHUA' - 'BABY SHOWER' - 'BENJAMIN' - 'FINN IS 4!' * 16 bursts- 'HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY' Note: age '4th' will be put on one circle. * 20 bursts and up - 'HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY JOSHUA' BANNER MESSAGE: Enter the message you would like on your banner. If you have a preference how the bursts are strung please let me know here otherwise I will generally string banners one word at a time. For example: HAPPY Nth BIRTHDAY JOSHUA OPTION DETAILS: * Banners INCLUDES two superhero banner ends approximately 10 inches long. Bursts measure 4 inches. Strung with clear string and measures 3 to 3.5 feet wide, depending on how you space the letters. * Door sign measures approximately 15 inches tall. * Personalized Favor tags OR Stickers are approximately 3 inches tall. Tags include ribbon for stringing. * Cake Topper Burst has small superhero attached with 3-d effect. * 3 Piece Centerpiece comes with burst message and two superheros. * Folded Thank You Cards are blank inside. Envelop included. * Folded Place cards OR food labels come in sets of 4 and measure 2.25 by 3.75 inches. * If you would like Invites please contact me by clicking on blue 'Ask about a custom order' link. Layout Copyright BC Paper Designs Clip art COPYRIGHT Cutesiness

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