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Plush Creations, Inc. Realistic Dinosaur for Kids & Toddlers | Giant Stuffed Wild Animals to Explore The Jurassic World | Ideal Fuzzy Dino Toys Birthday & Christmas Gift for Boys (Pterodactyl, 24")


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Take your child to a whole new adventure... Children sometimes need a companion, a friend, to hold their hand. One they can play with, hug, and fall asleep with. One that fire's their imagination, and lets it soar... Tired of their old teddy bear? Looking for a new buddy to love? Maybe it's time for a new friend. One that will take them back in time... A playmate for keeps! A stuffed dinosaur may not be the first thing that comes to mind when looking for a toy to give to your little one. But... a dinosaur toy is educational - it takes one back to prehistoric times. It also sparks questions like, "Why did they become extinct?" and "Could they really fly?" These alone ignite and fuel curiosity in a child - which is a good thing! Different is good. A child is always curious, always asking. With the right toys and the right "buddies," his or her understanding of the world can expand. Gone are the days of teddy bears and stuffed bunnies. Say hello to your child's new Plush Dinosaur! Choose from these four variations: Plush Dinosaur Trex (available sizes: 15" and 24") Plush Dinosaur Triceratops (available sizes: 15" and 24") Plush Dinosaur Stegasaurus (available sizes: 15" and 24") Plush Dinosaur Pterodactyl (available sizes: 15" and 24") Still not convinced? Here are more features that will help you make the right choice: ✅ Easy to store and small enough to bring outdoors. ✅ Made from washable materials. ✅ Perfect gift for young and old alike. After all, how can one resist this adorable companion? Take your little explorer back to the prehistoric era! Add Plush Creations's wild dinosaur to your cart TODAY!

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