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Set of 3 Fluorescent Disney Magic Band 2.0 Decal Magic Band Skin Mickey Head Decals - Green, red and Orange


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Set of 3 Fluorescent Disney Magic Band 2.0 Decals one of each COLOR red, orange and green These glow under black light - THEY ARE NOT GLOW IN THE DARK * Vinyl Decal for center/puck part of Version 1.0 AND 2.0 Magic Band Fits both the adult & child size bands as they only cover the middle Mickey Head portion of the band. **DESIGNED TO BE SLIGHTLY LARGER THEN THE PUCK AREA FOR A NICE FIT!!** Lime Green Vinyl is easy to manipulate & will form to your Disney Magic Band perfectly. Waterproof & designed to withstand the sun, rain, water parks. DO NOT spray your band decals with sunscreen or bug spray as these chemicals could damage the print. DISNEY MAGIC BAND NOT INCLUDED DOES NOT AFFECT SCANNERS AT PARKS, HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, ETC. Instructions on how to apply and care for your vinyl decals will be included with your decals **I do not claim ownership of any of the images used for my products. I only charge for my time and the materials used. Any copyrighted/trademarked images used in the designs are free and are not being sold.** The state of the art coating on the vinyl absorbs ambient light from the environment and then when the lights are turned off the media glows with a soft green glow, illuminating the designs. Your sticker will glow every night as long as they are exposed to ambient light during the day.

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