SkullSkins Harley Quinn Eyes Universal Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Windscreen Graphic Visor Tint Shield Sticker Decal


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This Skullskins motorcycle helmet shield sticker is the perfect way to bring new life to your full face helmet. These helmet decals are large, affordable & easy to apply. First you line it up to your shield to make sure it will fit. Trim it down to size, then peel and stick it on! It's perforated like the ones you see on bus advertisements, cabs & limos; you can easily see out but people can't see in. This shield sticker is also a great way to protect your shield from debris & scratches. It's waterproof & easily washable with a damp cloth. Don't forget, you will be adding material in front of your eyes, so it may reduce visibility, but that really depends on your helmet and your eyesight. When applying this see through visor tint graphic first wash your shield with warm water, do not use soap. make sure to dry completely.

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