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Star Wars Chewbacca Ugly Christmas Sweater for Adults


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Life DayChewbacca is no stranger to the holidays. Of course, he doesn’t usually celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa. He celebrates a little known holiday known as Life Day. Perhaps you’ve heard of an often forgotten relic of Star Wars history known as the Star Wars Christmas Special (Life Day is canon so deal with it)?Well, that just means we have proof of Chewbacca’s love of the holidays, even if he doesn’t normally partake in our human holiday traditions. This cozy ugly Christmas sweater is further proof of Chewbacca’s love of the holiday season.Fun DetailsThis Star Wars ugly Christmas sweater is a polyester sweater that’s perfect for the holidays. It has a red and brown color scheme and features repeating Rebel Alliance symbols on the front and back. Of course, it also has Chewbacca on the front and he’s attempting to put up some Christmas lights. Just toss it on and you’ll be all set for your office ugly Christmas sweater party.Don’t Forget LumpawarooThis Chewbacca sweater is the perfect look for Chewie fans trying to celebrate Life Day. Of course, you could go one step further. You could make a trip to Kashyyyk to visit Lumpawaroo for the holidays while wearing this cozy sweater!

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