Star Wars Episode VII Loot Bag Filler Kit - Serves 8 - Party Favors and Gift Bags


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Give them a Star Wars gift bag they will never forget. First off, the loot bag, as it's being called, is fantastic. It features galactic images in the background, plus "Chewbacca," new character "Rae," an R2 droid, a nasty storm trooper and the even nastier new villain, "Kylo Ren." The loot bags come 8 to a pack. To fill them, we've included all kinds of fun Star Wars themed goodies and toys. 8 of each: mini prism viewers, key chains, siren whistles, maze puzzles, ping pong balls, and ID cards. The mini prism viewers are red and feature characters from the dark side. The key chains have two-sided discs. One side has a blue center that encourage fans to "Join the Resistance," the other side has a red center and reads "The First Order Rule the Galaxy." The 8 siren whistles are glue and feature "Chewbacca," "Rae" and "Finn." The 8 maze puzzles feature 2 storm troopers and bad guy "Kylo Ren." Four of the ping pong balls are blue and read "Join the Resistance," the other four are red and read "Rule the Galaxy." Have your own ping pong battle to see who wins. The ID cards are for rebels only. One side identifies the X-Wing Star Fighter by name, and allows him or her to attach a picture. The other side bears the motto "Courage, Justice, Loyalty, Defeat the First Order,' on a logo features an X-wing fighter. With this kind of loot, you won't have to worry about performing Jedi mind tricks to convince your guests that your party is a hit.

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