Star Wars Rebels Transport Attack Playset from Hot Wheels


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If the Rebellion is to succeed, then it’s imperative to stop any Imperial transport from getting to its destination! That means you’re going to have to resort to diversionary tactics and heavy firepower to get the job done, or you could just employ the crew of the Ghost.Now, with this Star Wars Rebels Transport Attack playset, you can stop the Empire from getting a foothold against the Rebels. The playset comes with a Gozanti-class cruiser base with TIE Fighter silhouettes, making it one imposing sight for the Rebels. Of course, the set also comes with a small Ghost ship from the animated show. You can pilot it to a swift victory against the Empire, or display it with the included “flight navigator”.This Hot Wheels playset goes great with any of our other sets based on Star Wars Rebels, so you can create some of the most epic space battles ever imagined!

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