Star Wars Saga Edition Chess Set


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Which side do you dare command in this Saga Edition Star Wars Chess Set? The evil Dark Side with the Emperor and his minions? Or the force of Yoda and the Jedi? The set includes characters from all 6 Star Wars movies and a black-and-silver game board with detailed instructions. Black pieces include: 8 Storm Troopers (Pawns) 1 Count Dooku, 1 Darth Maul (Rooks); 1 Boba Fett, 1 Jango Fett (Knights); 1 Grievous Bodyguard, 1 General Grievous (Bishops); 1 Darth Vader (Queen) and 1 Emperor (King). Silver pieces include: 8 Clone Troopers (Pawns); 1 Padme Amidala, 1 C3PO & R2D2 piece (Rooks); 1 Han Solo; 1 Chewbacca (Knights); 1 Princess Leia, 1 Luke Skywalker (Bishops); 1 Obi-Wan Kenobi (Queen) and 1 Yoda (King). For ages 8 years and up. Made of plastic and cardboard. Imported.

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