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Star Wars Snow Trooper Kanreichi Ashigaru Meisho Movie Realization Action Figure


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Gifting Up a StormUh, sure. We guess you could get a regular old Snow Trooper figurine for your Star Wars obsessed sibling. But then, you're likely to get a lukewarm (Luke, get it?!) "Thanks!" and a quick hug. Not quite the cold shoulder, but not quite the emphatic show of gratitude you're looking for.Gift this Snow Trooper Kanreichi Ashigaru Meisho Movie Realization Action Figure, however, and you're bound to get a genuinely gleeful response, not to mention maybe a firstborn named in your honor. That's because this super-special Snow Trooper figurine is made by Japan's top sculptor and features a warrior worthy of the Battle of Hoth—but even cooler!Fun DetailsThis molded figure is made of resin and stands a mere 7 inches tall. But don't let that fool you! It's mighty powerful, with its sword and blaster accessories. This piece is officially licensed and a collector's dream, and it will make a statement among your AT-AT, Ewok, and X-wing figures.Forever FansOf course, your sibling isn't the only one who'd like to own this unique collector's item—you two did grow up watching the  Star Wars films together, after all. You'd better pick up one for each of you, just to make sure you mitigate any sibling rivalry.

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