Stickerslug Supernatural Power Kanji Decal (Gloss Black, 22 inch) for car Truck Window SUV Boat Motorcycle and All Other auto Glass and Bumper in Gloss Vinyl


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Stickerslug Decals 22 inch gloss black supernatural power kanji decal. Our gloss black supernatural power kanji decal is perfect for a large number of surfaces. Our premium gloss vinyl material is the industry standard for use on cars, trucks, and every other automobile. This includes applying this decal as a bumper sticker or to glass windows. Don't feel limited to just those places. With this supernatural power kanji decal you can also personalize your electronics, like a tablet or laptop. This product is tested to last up to 7 years in the most extreme outdoor conditions. Applying your new decal is super easy. Simply peel and stick to the desired surface and peel away the patented application tape, revealing a beautiful precision-cut decal sticker graphic that is guaranteed to enhance any surface! Are you new to decals? If so, that's not a problem. Included with all of our products is our easy instructional guide to decal sticker application.

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