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Stranger Things Magnetic Poetry / Fridge Magnets / Stranger Things Gift Eleven / Mouth Breather / Demogorgon / Friends Don't Lie / Stranger Things Eggo / Upside Down / Stranger Things Barb


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Recreate your favorite Stranger Things quotes or rearrange the huge selection of handmade magnetic words them to create new and silly phrases and rhymes! With over 500 magnets in this set, our magnets are very similar in quality and size/style to the magnet sets that are sold in stores. They are crafted of a thick, high quality magnet, cut with a professional grade precision cutting machine, and laminated to safeguard from any demogorgons that may lurk around your fridge or locker. Packaged in a snazzy clear Chinese take-out style container, these magnets will surely put a smile upon your face or that of your lucky gift recipient. Thank you so much for visiting our shop and supporting handcrafting artisans! 100% handmade by a husband/wife team with love!

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