Stranger Things Monopoly Game


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Definitely Not Dungeons and DragonsYou love Stranger Things. We get it. But here's the thing, there are only so many seasons. After a while, you're going to have to move on from binge-watching and do something else. Hey! Don't be sad, you don't have to leave all those beloved characters behind! Get your friends together, bring them to your parent's basement, and get ready for a great game. No, we're not talking about the gang's D&D sessions. We don't think anyone can be their role-playing game skills. We're talking about this Stranger Things Monopoly game. Much like the game we all know and love, it's perfect for winter nights and rainy days. It takes up plenty of time, immersing you in the nostalgic world of the eighties that you got hooked to in season one of Stranger Things. Product DetailsYou'll be caught up in the scene of this game as soon as you see the box. It's illustrated in an instantly recognizable eighties style. You'll get player pieces for eight people so the whole family can play. Choose from a bike, a camera, television, sneaker, or the dark variations of each piece in "Upside Down" form. The traditional houses and hotels have been exchanged for forts and hideouts. The Walkie-Talkie and Blinking Light cards will guide you through this dark and murky world as a replacement for the Community Chest and Chance cards. Live the adventure all over again while landing on squares such as the Hawkins Laboratory and avoiding expensive dangers like a Demogorgon attack. Eggo ManiacWe understand that Eleven just can't get enough waffle in her life. That's how we feel about this show! So go ahead and embrace it. Have people over for a Stranger Things party to help the time go by faster as you wait for the next season. Does anyone want any more waffles?

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