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Toy Story Alien Sunglasses


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Ooooh-aaah! People don't go to Pizza Planet to eat the pizza. It's not exactly the best pizza in town (we hear it's undercooked.) Sure, the arcade games can provide some fun and excitement but after the fifth game of ski-ball, it loses its appeal. Families flock to Pizza Planet because they want to take turns playing the Rocket Ship Crane Game. Involving both skill and luck, the game could potentially spit out a squeaky lime-skinned alien; the real reason (and perhaps only reason) for attending Pizza Planet. But you don't have to settle for mediocre pizza and cheap games in order to win one of these little green men. You can actually become one by wearing Toy Story alien sunglasses. Product DetailsYou'll say "ooh-aaah" once these officially licensed Toy Story sunglasses are in your possession. They feature shatter-resistant lenses with a smokey-mirror tint. They also offer 100% UV protection so they're ideal for wearing on a really sunny day. Turn them into a must-have costume accessory by pairing them with your blue spaceman costume. The Claw Has ChosenPut on these alien sunglasses and suddenly the cosmic forces will align. It'll feel like you were born to have 3 eyes! Actually, you were born to have 5 eyes because you already have 2 eyes and now you have 3 more alien eyes, and 2 +3 = 5. Right? Sorry, we're writers, not mathematicians!

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