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Tyrion Lannister 1/6th Scale Deluxe Collectible Figure from Game of Thrones


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This 1/6 scale collectible figure of Tyrion Lannister from Season 7 of Game of Thrones will be a great addition to your collection. Standing at 8.8 inches tall, this figure features a stunning likeness of actor Peter Dinklage as Tyrion, including textured hair, scruffy beard and gentle eyes. Tyrion is dressed with a vest, the Hand of the Queen brooch, belt, trousers, and boots. His hands are exchangeable, and his arms move, so he can be posed making different gestures, including holding the jug and goblet accessories. This deluxe version of the figure also comes with 9 map markers -- all with a polished wood-like material. These can be used for maps, display, or just as collectibles. Please note that just like all collaboration pieces, the availability of this item is strictly limited, so order yours today! *IN DEVELOPMENT / NOT FINAL. MAY DIFFER FROM THE FINAL VERSION

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