Viking Mens Paracord Lanyard Keychains-Handmade Keyring with Viking Rune Beads Norse Thor's Hammer Beads Braided 550 Paracord Keychain Black Viking Jewelry Gift for Men and Women (Black-A)


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PRACTICAL & BEAUTIFUL This keychain/lanyard could be a nice present for men and women.The paracord keychain is braided from 550 type paracord of black colour.The total length of keychain/lanyard is about 13 cm. This viking paracord keychain will be a perfect addition to your style. It's easy to use and with it you will not lose your keys. Qualitatively done, he will serve you for a long time. These paracord keychains are unisex and look great on teens, men and women GOOD LUCK AMULET The Thor's hammer in Ancient Scandinavia was used everywhere, as a universal amulet. Modern researchers suggest that the Torah Hammer symbolized strength - both physical and spiritual, and also wisdom - the ability to do the right thing. A great gift for yourself or a loved one. Handmade Package Included: 1*viking paracord keychain Ansuz - "Anne - suhz" - Literally: "Woden" - Esoteric: "Breath" or "Ancestral Sovereign God" Key Concepts: order, gods, Odin, transmission of intelligence, communication, reason, inspiration, language, breath, sound, origins of language, the Voice of the Universe, spellsong, casting, chanting, ancestors, passing of the breath along the ancestral line, evolution of gods, speech, poetry, discussion of runes, memetics, semiotics, etymology, linguistics. Psi: mental stability, communion, inspiration, listening Energy: sovereign ancestral god, animating spirit, breath, communication, exploration, order, answers Governs: All powers of naming and conceptualization Convincing and magnetic speech and writing, and the power of suggestion and hypnosis Acquisition of creative wisdom, inspiration, ecstasy and divine communication Reason, analysis and good advice Connecting and networking Listening to oneself and one's own particular inner-voice

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