WJ2WJ FW 6 Inch Venom Toys, Venom Action Figure, Joints Can Be Active Can Make Different Shapes ,Suitable for Children Aged 3 and Over


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Please read before purchasing: Thank you for purchasing our toys, but to ensure that you can use them properly and without damage. We will give you some advice: 1. Before using the toy, you can soften the toy and parts with a hair dryer or warm water. Why do you do that? Because of environmental factors, the weather is cold or hot, and the hardening of parts can become fragile, which may cause damage during installation and use, so heating can help you avoid these situations. 2. Toys If you see parts such as hands and feet, these are all components that can be assembled. The goods are not damaged. Be careful not to force it, do not force it to avoid damage. Specifically, you can send us an email to ask. 3. If your toy damage is not your cause, it is caused by our logistics reasons or other factors, please send us an email to inform us of your situation, we will arrange a solution for you, you can choose to reissue you a Toys, or give you a refund, we will definitely give you a satisfactory answer. Introduction to the story: Eddie Bullock, a journalist, was struggling in the process of investigating the life foundation owner Carlton Drake. His relationship with his fiancée Anne Weiying was in jeopardy and was accidentally invaded by alien symbiosis. After struggling against it, he eventually became a "venom" with powerful super powers and no one to stop.

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