WJBFQY FH Marvel Slaughter Action Map, 6-inch Holocaust Action Figure Toy Model Decorative Statue - Magnetic Base Magnetic Base


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The Carnage is a super villain of the American Marvel Comics, debuting in The 360, The Amazing Spider-Man (March 1992). The real name, Cletus Kasady, was born to be murderous and met the "venom" Eddie Brock in prison. The venom produced eggs on the way to help the host Brock escape, and stayed in the prison. Afterwards, Casai inadvertently merged with the red symbiosis of the venom descendants and became a massacre. Use reading instructions 1. Due to the cold or hot weather, some hardware may become fragile and may cause damage during installation and use. So please soften the toys and parts with a hair dryer or warm water before playing. 2. If the toy you see has parts such as hands or feet, it is not damaged but can be assembled. 3. Note that you should not force it, do not force it to avoid damage. Specifically, you can send us an email to ask. 4. If your toy damage is not your reason, it is caused by our logistics reasons or other factors, please send us an email to let us know your situation, we will arrange a solution for you, you can choose to reissue one for you. Toys, or give you a refund, we will definitely give you a satisfactory answer.

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