Wonder Woman Comics Superhero Perforated Film Car Accessories Truck Window Wrap Car Truck Decal Car Idea Suv Decal For Truck N739 FRST (22" x 56")


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This Perforated Window Graphic is a simple and unique way to add just the right touch to your car. 1. It is digitally printed in high resolution, using top quality solvent inks on high quality 50/50 perforated vinyl, which provide long term durability and vivid colors. 2. Graphic installs on OUTSIDE surface of window and see thru from the inside. These graphics are easy to apply and easy to remove, just peel, apply and trim! 3. Graphics are visible from the outside and see thru from the inside. 4. Please be sure to measure your window prior to ordering. 5. These graphics are easy to apply and safe to remove in just minutes. 6. View thru window graphics do not fade and crack or damage your vehicle in any way. Vehicle Sizing Chart: 1. 14" x 53" – (Pickup Truck) 2. 18" x 58" – (Small Truck) 3. 22" x 56" – (Full Size Truck) 4. 29" x 66" – (Extra Large – SUV, Van) Important Notes: Rear window graphics must be applied DRY. Do not stretch the material. This will cause the product to curl and lift from the window after it is installed. This product requires trimming with a sharp razor blade. Use extreme caution when using any sharp object, as it can cause severe injury. Take extreme care not to damage any surrounding area of the vehicle when trimming the excess. This product is to be applied ONLY to the OUTSIDE of the rear window, not to any other window of the vehicle, as it may obstruct visibility and create a safety hazard. As always, please MEASURE if you are unsure and let me know if you want custom size! ✉ SEND US A MESSAGE!

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