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Wonder Woman Girls Light Up Belt


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When anyone talks about the wondrous DC Universe and then starts to talk about the importance of gear, people have a tendency to jump right to Gotham City and talk about Batman’s utility belt.  Of course, we can’t blame anyone for that.  It’s pretty famous and certainly has some amazing flair.  But, it is far from the belt that brings about the greatest flash!  No, if you want to talk about a truly magical belt, you’ve got to go to a land where its inhabitants really understand what is actually divine.So, we turn to the Amazons of Themyscira who have safeguarded the magnificent relics of the gods for ages.  Among them is the belt that would one day be worn by their princess and our favorite protector, Wonder Woman.  So, naturally, when your kiddo is doing the good work and trying to defend the world, too, it is important to have the right gear.  We are happy to help, thanks to our close affiliation with the Amazons, themselves, with this officially licensed Wonder Woman Light Up Belt.  When your tyke shines the front emblem, innocents will know that a protector is near by and evil-doers will know to keep away!

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