Wonder Woman Theme Personalized 3D Wooden Kids Door Sign; Custom Name Plate


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Children love stories...and we love creating stories for them. Each of our BEAUTIFUL, HAND-CRAFTED, PERSONALIZED name plates is made by hand painting raised wooden letters and other wooden shapes to create various themes. Additional detail is added through hand cut foam and felt to complete a UNIQUE story for your child. Choose from available themes or specify your child's favorites. We will try our best to delight your child. Each piece is one of a kind, so please allow for variances in design and styles. And do trust our creativity. We will deliver nothing but the best! *********************** Three types of base to choose from: Wood Rectangular Plaque (12" X 5" X 0.6") - Ideal for names of up to 6 letters*. Wood Square Plaque (10" X 10" X 0.6") - Ideal for 2-3 names of up to 4-5 letters each*. Black Board (8" x 10" X 0.2") - Ideal for 1-2 names of up to 4-5 letters each*. *Additional letters could be accommodated, but may have to be of smaller size. *********************** Superhero theme characters include: Batman, Superman, Spider man, Iron man, Captain America, Hulk, Wonder Woman. *********************** Please allow for 5-7 days processing time before it can be shipped.

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