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Wreck-it Ralph Venelope Princess Party Favor Lollipops with Lime Green Ribbons, 12-Pack


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TWELVE (12)-Pack Lollipops with an assortment of sticker images placed on top of the cellophane wrapper of each lollipop! Each sticker is printed on a Laser Printer using a matte finish sticker, so the colors are vibrant! NOTE: This is a NON-PERSONALIZED item Lollipop Size: 4" Tall with 1.5" Diameter sucker. These are super fun party favors that are accented with matching colored ribbon bows! They can be placed in a pinata or used as decorations for your celebration! You can also pass these out as party favors! You will receive an assortment of lollipop flavors such as: -Lemon -Grape -Orange -Lime -Cherry NOTE: One flavor/color can NOT be selected, you will receive a random assortment of lollipops.

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