XBWJ Marvel Avengers 6 Inch Thanos Toy, Thanos Action Figure - Joint Movable + with Bracket


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Thanos is the super villain of American Marvel. It debuted in Iron Man 55 (January 1973). The real name is Thanos, an eternal family born on the Saturn satellite Titan. He is strong and one of the most powerful people in the Marvel universe. Knowing the philosophies of all Superman of the Eternal, this gives him the power, endurance, resilience and agility that he cannot surpass. His skin is almost impossible to destroy, especially when fighting cold, heat, electricity, radiation, poison, aging and disease. He could survive without eating anything and drinking water long before he was cursed by his goddess of death, the goddess of death. The spirit of annihilation is also almost invincible, which makes him immune to most mental attacks, while at the same time he can rush out of the mana energy wave or release plasma energy or cosmic energy through both hands. At the same time, the tyrant is still a strategist, with knowledge far beyond the earth's technology, can understand everything unknown. Sometimes riding a floating throne with offensive weapons and crossing the Milky Way, once possessed the universe cube, infinite gloves, the heart of the universe and other equipment.

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