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Entertainment The Best 1950s Alien Movies The Angry Red Planet is falling to #14 poll The Best '50s Martial Arts & Kung Fu Movies Pendekar Bujang Lapok is falling to #9 1950s The Best Oscar-Nominated Movies of the 1950s Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is rising to #18 Classic Movies The Best '50s Thriller Movies The Trouble with Harry is rising to #19
Romance Item Image Marty is rising to #27 The Best Romance Movies of the '50s Monster Movies Item Image Revenge of the Creature is rising to #13 The Best Monster Movies of the 1950s War Movies Item Image The Searchers is rising to #2 The Best 50s War Movies Entertainment Item Image The African Lion is falling to #15 The Best '50s Kids Movies
Vampires 148 voters The Best '50s Vampire Movies Blood of the Vampire is falling to #5 Entertainment 222 people have voted on The Best '50s Spy Movies 1950s 41 people have voted on The Best 50s Zombie Movies Entertainment 4.7k people have read Obscure Horror Movies from the '50s You Need to See